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The Neapolitans’ Space: travel with us

In partnership with Tourist in Naples

Hi guys, welcome to the Neapolitans’ space! It’s a collection of videos of Neapolitans that give you information about Naples and about Campania region in a lot of languages such as Chinese, Dutch, English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Ukrainian.

Our purpose is to spread information and promote the beauties of our region in a very simple and spontaneous way. This venture of including more people that speak other languages perfectly embraces the identity of our project. As you should know the authentic aspect of Touristinnaples is “locals giving information“. We firmly believe that natives have a deep knowledge of their own city, so that the advice that they can give are always appropriate and never obvious!


The Neapolitans’ Space is a Touristinnaples community branch. As a matter of fact, Neapolitans have spontaneously joined the project giving free information about different topics of their city. You can watch all their videos in the Instagram highlights (The Neapolitans’ Space section). The debated themes deal with foodartmonumentsplaces but even curiosities and small details that can make the difference in your experience in Naples.

Among the discussed subjects you can find: The famous Pizza, but even other versions of this dish such as the fried pizza, the Castel dell’Ovo legend, what to visit in Sorrentovegan restaurants you can find in Naples, the Toledo metro stationSan Gregorio Armeno street, famous for its nativity handcraft, The Virginian Park, the Pompeii archeological site, the Castel Nuovo history, curiosities about famous Neapolitan painters such as Luca Giordano, the Santa Luciella churc and  its skull with ears, the origins of the Neapolitan coffee and the Santa Maria Francesca sacred place.

All these themes are communicated to you in a very fast and simple way and you will never get bored! We believe these topics to be very useful information if you are planning your next trip to Naples.
If you think so comment below the instagram post with your suggestions for next videos and don’t forget to travel with us! 

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