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The Neapolitans’ Space: Spaccanapoli

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Are you ready to have a walk in one of the most antique streets of Naples, that dates back to the time of the Greeks (VIII century), which splits the city in two parts (Nord and South) as if it was a cut?

Spaccanapoli (literally spacca=break/split; Napoli=Naples, that is break Naples; split in two parts) is a street that was named by the Romans Decumano inferiore. It was designed by the  Greeks, therefore a really antique street, that nowadays can be defined as one of the most lively streets of the city.

You will undestrand its name if you obseve it from the top, Spaccanapoli, as a matter of facts, from Piazzale san Martino” seems like a real cut that splits the city in two parts.



Are you still asking yourselves why we advise you to visit it? In addiction to walk a thousand years history, in Spaccanapoli  you will explore the authentic Naples, because it is one of the most evocative places of the city. Why? When you will walk there you will find an incredible quantity of churches (such as Gesù Nuovo church, San Domenico Maggiore church…), buildings (such as Palazzo Flaminio…), monastries (such as Santa chiara monastry…) and monuments (such as Piazza del Gesù oblelisk, Piazzetta Nilo obleisk…), and above all, what you need to know, is that from Spaccanapoli on the right side starts “San Gregorio Armeno” street, that is famous all over the world for its nativity handcraft.

While walking in Spaccanapoli you will smell the incense aroma of the little streets, you will admire Pulcinella, Cornicello and all the symbols of Neapolitan tradition. We advise you to start your walk in Spaccanapoli from via Duomo, till its end that is Quartieri Spagnoli.


We are pretty sure that you will fall in love with this portion of authentic Naples. Get ready to welcome it!

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