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The Neapolitans’ Space: Day tour

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Guys, when you will travel to Naples we advise you to move on foot, especially to visit the historical centre; the streets are very narrow and there are always a lot of people; Naples is a city with life, during day and night, and what you need to know is that it is one of the most densly populated cities in Europe, so don’t be surprised if the “Day Tour” that we propose to you is on foot. As Neapolitan, we have a deep knowledge of our city so that we will always give you the best tips for a perfect stay in Naples.

This “Day Tour” we suggest you if you have just one day to visit the city, and if you want to avoid long lines at the entraces of turist attractions. This itinerary is for those who don’t have much time to spend in the city, because, to be honest, in order to visit Naples well you will need at least three days. Word of Neapolitans!


All in all take with you some water and prepare yourselves to take wonderful photos; You will definitely be impressed by the morphology of the city, in Naples you will pass from the antique streets of the historical centre to the stunning beauty of the promenade in a blink of an eye!

The itinerary we chose for you starts from the Napoli Garibaldi Central station and ends on the promenade outside Castel dell’Ovo.

Here the list of the visited places:

  1. Napoli Garibaldi Central station (Supposing that you come by train)
  2. Walk on the Corso Umberto (Also called Rettifilo)
  3. Via Duomo 
  4. San Gennaro Mural
  5. Spaccanapoli
  6. San Gregorio Armeno (Take some time to appreciate the Napolitan handcraft nativity)
  7. Via dei Tribunali (“Pizza wallet” break, if you don’t have much time to sit to have pizza)
  8. Port’Alba
  9. Piazza Dante
  10. Via Toledo (we advise you to visit Metro Toledo station beause it is the most beautiful of Europe)
  11. Galleria Umberto (With a look to Teatro San Carlo, Maschio Angioino and Palazzo Reale)
  12. Plaza Plebiscito 
  13. Paseo Marítimo (Here you will see you majesty Vesuvio, we guarantee you the best instagram pics)
  14. Castel dell’Ovo (You can go inside, it is free and from the top of it the landskape is amazing!)

From here how to come back to the station?

We thought about it; the option that we suggest that you is take the train from Piazza Amedeo and come back to Napoli Garibaldi, or you can go to the bus stop in Piazza Vittoria, buy the tickets at there and then you catch the number 151 bus.

Now you just need to take your flight and enjoy your travel to Naples!

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