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Discover Naples, Tales of the city

Discover Naples, Tales of the city

The beauty of Naples grows day by day, week by week, gradually discovering its secrets. Until we get to understand that this is the most beautiful gulf on Earth. And it is a toned beauty. 

Discover the secrets of a hidden Naples: this is the aim of Discover Naples, a new weekly column which will guide not only Parthenopeans during a beautiful walk through monuments and myths of the city at the foot of the montagna bella (Vesuvius).

Every Monday a brand new place to discover in its particular, with all the stories which revolve around it. As per good neapolitan tradition we’re going to talk about stories, myths and region’s art. Moreover, for polyglots and tourists, there will be the chance to “discover in other languages” (Spanish, French and, of course, Italian).

In this way tourists of the Internet coming from all corners of the world will discover Naples and its stories. Passionate about the city and, why not, decide to come here and take a look around!

discover naples

In the beautiful setting of the Parthenopean city, we are going to go into all the symbolic places: from Maschio Angioino to Royal Palace, by the way of San Martino’s Certosa and Royal Wood of Capodimonte.

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